Future Church Services

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Sunday Morning Service
Led by Rev. Mahboob Masih
20th August 2017
11.00am West Kirk

The Sunday Service begins at 11.00am. We provide a creche for children and babies under the age of three years. Please come along and join us in worshipping God. You will be made most welcome and we hope to see you there.

Order of Service Sunday 20th August 2017

Bible is brought in (Please stand)



Call to worship 1 John: 5: 1-5

MP 445 Lord, the light of Your love

Time with children

MP 954 We are marching

Reading John 14:1-14

MP 626 Teach me thy ways…


Offerings & Dedication MP 261 I am the bread of life…

MP 473 My hope is built on nothing less


Bible is taken out (Please remain standing)

MP 460 May God’s blessing surround you each day