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The real joy of connecting

Connectors by Jazza2, on Flickr

I like travelling but one of the annoying things, at least for me,
is a connecting flight. I find it hard to spend time waiting at
 airports. So, I try my utmost to find a flight which offers
 minimum connecting time. Sometimes however, you don’t
 have a choice but to wait for long time if you want to keep the price reasonable. The waiting time generally seems long, doesn’t it? For some, this is true regarding Christmas not only for children but also for adults who long to see their family members and the friends they see only on special occasions.

In the same way it wasn’t easy for the people of Israel who longed for the promised Messiah to come and be with them. For centuries, God seemed to be quiet and had not connected with people as demonstrably as he had done previously. Then, hope was aroused when God sent John the Baptist, a prophet, to prepare people for His ultimate plan. The apostle Paul describes the coming of the promised Messiah like this: "But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son" (Gal. 4:4).

The Christmas story shows that God has taken the initiative with the birth of his son Jesus, in humble circumstances in the town of Bethlehem. No other religion has a message like the incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ. God the Son, took upon himself a human nature and body—fully God and fully man. Jesus is God, so he is to be trusted, obeyed, and worshiped. Jesus is man, choosing to take on flesh and becoming subject to pain, hunger, sorrow, injustice, suffering, and even death. Thus, the salvation he offers is both of infinite value and a remarkable resource for believers in the midst of their pain and suffering. God connected with humanity inseparably. Our desire to have around us those with whom we belong has at its heart a belonging to God himself. This child is God’s way for us to know the most wonderful belonging we can experience: belonging to God.

The Christmas season is a unique time of the year in which people, young and old alike, connect or reconnect with their families and friends. It’s also a time to perhaps meet someone new never known before therefore new relationships can be formed. So this time of year offers a wonderful opportunity to develop and foster relationships with people which can be a source joy and delight. 

Please enjoy this Christmas with your family and friends. But never forget that Christmas is first and foremost connecting and reconnecting with God through Christ. Only this can bring the real joy of Christmas. When the Christmas holiday season is over and friends and family members are gone, the joy of Christ will remain for God has said, ‘I will never leave or forsake you.’(Hebrews 13:5).

Blessings, Mahboob