Message From Our Minister

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“Now give me this hill country that the LORD promised me that day”
Joshua 14:12 .

Dear all.

Since this is our first letter of the New Year, I want to encourage everyone to welcome another year of potential and possibilities!

As we enter this year with optimism about the things which lie ahead, we also realize there will be moments of great challenge as we move forward. But we should have confidence that our Lord will lead and guide us in 2017.

As I write these lines, one biblical character comes to mind, a great and inspiring figure to me personally. Caleb’s life illustrates for us that nothing can hinder us in doing the Lord’s work.

At the age of eighty-five, Caleb appears to be determined to occupy the land God had promised to give to his people. When the challenge was offered to him in his old age, Caleb did not shy away or find any excuse but rather gladly accepted it (cf. Joshua 14:12).

I am sure Caleb had no delusions about the task at hand. He knew it was an uphill task but he was ready to tackle it head on. In fact, he asked Joshua, the leader and commander, “Now give me this hill country that the LORD promised me that day”. For forty years, he dreamed of a day when he would possess the land God had promised to the people of Israel.

Caleb inherited what God had promised because his faith remained firm and never dwindled (Joshua 14:14). While the world changed dramatically around Caleb following the people’s refusal to go into the land, Caleb never faltered in his confidence in God’s ability to fulfil what He had promised (Numbers 14:24,30; Joshua 14:6-12). He never lost sight of the vision he had and therefore, God honoured Caleb’s commitment. He was blessed with the opportunity to see God at work.

The story of Caleb is a great encouragement to us. As we look ahead and think about the future of our congregation by working out how best can we serve God in our locality, let us remain determined to face any challenges big or small with courage in the ability of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who has promised to be with us till the end.

May we as God’s children take courage and become stronger in doing the Lord’s will in our own lives in the days that lie ahead.

Mahboob Masih