Prayer Meetings

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As part of our continuing series, we held a prayer meeting on Sunday 17th September where we were thinking of Harvest time.. We thank Marjory for leading our prayer meeting and you can read our prayers below.


"Harvest services are observed allover the world and what people immediately think this relates to varies a lot. A picture of haymaking may come to mind or simply picking a few tomatoes and peppers to take and sell in the village market. That’s only part of it.

Even accepting all that, this year in particular there are many people who must be feeling that they have little to celebrate. earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, drought and violence are all contributing to this. At a time when we want to give thanks for everything God has provided for us, how must it feel if you are fleeing for your life with what little you can carry.

Lets Pray.

We pray for those who have not been able to gather the harvest because of poor weather., for those who bear the brunt of a changing climate, where rains have become unreliable and the harvest unpredictable. We pray for those who struggle to get land or have been forced off the land they need to be able to plant and grow enough food, for those who have had to abandon land because of conflict and have had to leave crops un-harvested.

We pray for your blessing on communities around the world who offer hospitality to refugees and those who are returning home.

We pray for those who still do not get a fair price for the food they grow and sell, and so struggle to make ends meet.

Time of communal prayer.

Let us pray to God for the life of the world and for all God’s people in their daily life and work. God, the beginning and end of all things, in your providence and care you watch unceasingly over all creation; we offer our prayers, that in us and in all your people your will may be done according to your wise and loving purpose in Christ our Lord.

We pray for all through whom we receive sustenance and life; for farmers and agricultural workers, for packers, distributors, and company boards; as you have so ordered our life that we depend upon each other, enable us by your grace to seek the well-being of others before our own.

We pray for all engaged in research to safeguard crops against disease, and to produce abundant life among those who hunger and who’s lives are at risk. Prosper the work of their hands and the searching of their minds, that their labour may be for the welfare of all.

We pray for governments and aid agencies, and those ares of the world where there is disaster , drought and starvation. Bu the grace of your spirit, touch our hearts and the hearts of all who live in comfortable plenty, and make us wise stewards of your gifts.

We offer ourselves to your service, asking that by the Spirit at work in us others may receive a rich harvest of love and joy and peace.

Olivia Snow