Prayer Meetings

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As part of our continuing series, we held a prayer meeting on Sunday 29th October with the theme of Change. We thank Karen and Jennifer for leading our prayer meeting and you can read our prayers below.


Welcome to the Prayer Meeting 

Before we begin we’d just like to thank everyone for coming along to another one of these prayer meetings.

Its been roughly a year since these prayer meetings started and so we wanted to take a look at our own church to see what changes we have made during this time. But in order to do this it would be good to go back to the beginning and remind ourselves how this all began.

It was at one of our session meetings, and we were looking at ways where we could, as a church, play a bigger role in our community and at the same time get God’s message out there, but the key question was how do we, as a congregation, do that?

It was then suggested that we start a prayer meeting. If we were looking for direction and guidance, then who better to turn to, than God himself and so these prayer meetings began. What started off as a call of “how can we better serve God as a church, led us to turning to him in prayer together.”

Since then we’ve had lots of different themed prayer meetings to ask God for help, with the things that matter most to us, and also to ask God for guidance, on the things we, as a church, could be doing better, and so today’s prayer meeting is about highlighting some of the progress and changes that we have made.

Although today is mainly about the new challenges that God has put before us, when mentioning these it would not feel right to exclude some of the older worthwhile causes we have been doing for a while like, Christian Aid and Fairtrade and also the Shoebox Appeal which many of the people running these causes have dedicated lots of time and energy to.

But as today is all about change and growth I want to highlight some of our more recent challenges and one of those is the collections for the Foodbank which has been a real success and one which the congregation have taken on to help others in our community.

The Sunday School along with some volunteers are going to take on the challenge of “The Messy Church” on Saturday, 18th November to bring the message about Jesus to children and adults in our community. This will be a new challenge but one I know the whole team will relish.

We have also recently held fun days within the church bringing fresh ideas for how we can get together in fellowship and at the same time raise funds for our own church to good success with people coming together to make it happen and raise money.

And we also have elders who have taken on the challenge of worship classes to help lead services for the congregation when asked to do so.

Whether it is in giving or actively doing we are all moving forward in new ways to try and grow our church within the community and serve God.

These prayer meetings have given us all a platform to come before God as a group, and use the power of prayer to ask Him for help and guidance, and I don’t think its any coincidence that we now see changes taking place.

We can sometimes focus too much on the negative things and forget that there are a lot of good and positive things going on. Yes, we’ve still got lots to do and there is still lots more help we need but that is the challenge we face and will continue to seek, with God’s help through prayer. One of our most important roles as a congregation is to unite together through Jesus, in prayer, seeking guidance and patiently waiting for God’s call on how he wishes to direct us next.

As we reflect on the challenges God has put before us let us ask him to give us the strength to carry them out and the willingness to accept his call to us in the future, for his glory alone.

Prayer Time - Theme: Change

Loving Father in Heaven,
We pray for your guidance for growth in our church and ask that you bless us with the resources to take us in the direction of your will.

We ask that you give us a strong sense of your spirit in our church Lord. Fill our hearts with all that you are and point us towards how we can do more in Your Name. Fill us with energy and enthusiasm Lord as we seek your guidance and explore new challenges for changes ahead such as the Messy Church

Help us also to be patient and not to be disheartened if obstacles come our way. We ask that you fill us with strength, perseverance and resilience Lord as we serve you faithfully, always knowing of your greater plan.

We come together knowing that the way to grow is to pray. Please hear us now Lord, as we pray in unity….. We ask that small steps of change will lead to growth Lord and we know that asking in Your Name, we will receive and in seeking change, we will find.