West Kirk Weekly

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Come and join us this Sunday for our morning service at 11 am.

We are still in the hall on Sunday.  We have had people in to look at the roof and are waiting for an idea of costs etc. Unfortunately, we have been advised not to use the church meantime.

The Westwords for December is attached to this email. It gives you details of the services over the next few weeks.

Thanks to all those who continue to support our Foodbank Sunday on the 2nd Sunday of the month.  There was a large number of different items again this week which have already been delivered to EK Foodbank. The next collection will be Sunday, the 8th of December.

Thanks to everyone who donated to help Lindsay Maybury from our Sunday School with her visit to Mount View High School in the Cape Flats, South Africa next February. Lindsay will hold another bake sale thus Sunday - 17th of November.

Sunday School is on each week. All children are welcome.

All of our own Church groups and activities meet weekly.

The Girls’ Brigade is on Wednesdays at 6.30 p.m. Please pass this information around to any school age girls from P1 to S6.

The Boys’ Brigade is on Thursdays at 6.30 p.m. Please pass this information around to any school age boys from P1 to P6.
All young people are welcome to come along at any time and can bring a friend too!

The Hub Community Café meets fortnightly.  Admission is £3.50 and includes tea/coffee, cakes and entertainment. The next day is the 21st  of November.

The Learning Together Group meets on a Wednesday night at 7pm. Come along to join with others to discuss the Bible.

If you like to have a coffee come along to the Tuesday Coffee and Chat at 10 am. (You can also get toast if you want it!) The Tuesday Coffee and Chat never close!

The Craft and Hobbies Group is on each Wednesday at 2pm. Every crafter is welcome so if you can knit, crochet, cross stitch or would like to learn these skills please come along. Lots of chat and tea

You will be made very welcome at any group which meets in the church – as you might expect tea and coffee feature at a good number of them!

Let me know if you would like to know about any groups or if you would like to add anything to this newsletter.

We now have a set of slides being shown before the start of the service each Sunday so if you would like anything shown on these let us know. I think people are enjoying these and are pleased to know what is happening week by week especially to their Church friends.

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

Scripture: “Brothers and sisters, never become tired of doing good.” 2 Thessalonians 3:13

There are many things that people use in their work. There are many different jobs too and what you do determines the tools or items that you need to carry out that job.

People work hard every day to take care of their family to make sure they have a place to live and food to eat.

I am sure you can all remember all the jobs you have done. Maybe you worked at the same job right through your life - something which will probably not happen in future times!

It isn’t always easy to go to work, and sometimes we can be lazy. God wants us to work hard. We help our families keep our homes running when we work hard.

There are also lots of jobs that people do around our church. Floors need swept, bins need emptied etc etc etc  if the jobs weren’t done around our church, things would get messy, disorganized, and we would be knee deep in dust!

The Bible tells us that it’s a good thing that all these people work hard and the Bible tells us that God wants us to work hard, too.

We read in 2 Thessalonians 3:11-12: “We hear that some people in your group refuse to work. They do nothing. And they busy themselves in other people’s lives. We command those people to work quietly and earn their own food. In the Lord Jesus Christ we beg them to do this.”

God says that we need to do our work quietly—that means without complaining or arguing.

The Bible also says, “Brothers and sisters, never become tired of doing good.” Let’s use this verse as our prayer today.

Dear God, please help us never become tired of doing good. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Remember that we share lots of information and pages from different churches on our Facebook pages every day. You can read and keep informed about all that is happening in the wider church and in our local area.

Continue to pray for our many church friends –Sylvia, Sheena and Bill, Isobelle, Agnes and Bill, Andy and Mary, Gil and Sheena, Jean, Laura, Margaret and Margaret and May.

I know that they are pleased to know they are remembered by their church family each week.

Please also continue to pray for Moira's friends Amanda and Margaret. Morag has also asked that we continue to pray for Laura who has started on a radical course of chemo. Pray also for Margaret as she has also gone into hospital for an operation this week.

If you want to add anyone to the prayer list, please let me know. I know that folks do appreciate your prayers and many people have said that knowing others are praying for them helps them get through some days.

Church is on each Sunday followed by tea and coffee so come along and worship with us at 11 am.

God bless,


Laura Fleming- Session Clerk